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CBC F3A 2023 - List of competitors

Here is the list of competitors already registered. Use the "REGISTRATION FORM" to register. The name of the competitor is not automatically included in the list after submitting the registration form but must be confirmed by the organizer.

CONFIRMED YES = It means that your registration has been confirmed by the competition organizer, your FAI license is valid and the competition entry fee has been paid to the organizer's account. We are looking forward to your participation.

CONFIRMED NO = It means that your registration has not been confirmed by the organizer of the competition, most likely the entry fee for the competition has not yet been paid to the organizer's account. You cannot enter the competition.

List of competitors

#NameCountryFAI IDPlaneConfirmed
1. Krautschneider Patrik CZE 161226 Ascent BIP YES
2. Votava Jan CZE 17144 Prometeus F3A YES
3. Kyjovský David CZE 72176 Pavana YES
4. Pokorný František CZE 108851   YES
5. Tomša Oldřich CZE 159434 Pavana YES
6. Prüfer Raphael GER 119076 Karat Biplane YES
7. Szépfalvi Tamas HUN 81484 Ascent YES
8. Szépfalvi Oliver HUN 81483 Ascent YES
9. Niklaß Christian GER 142052 Oxygen YES
10. Dębowski Adam POL 54164 Glacial YES
11. Busch Carsten GER 90373 Glacial YES
12. Král Jan CZE 54429 Nymphadora YES
13. Roziak Peter SVK 70880 Ultron YES
14. Dědič Stanislav SVK 120031 Akuma+ YES
15. Bruckmann Gernot AUT 43342 Pavana YES
16. Kohlberger Werner AUT 50151 Pavana YES
17. Baksa Zsolt HUN 81413 Angelit Plus YES
18. Bellert Dominik GER 19743 Glacial YES
19. Pintér Lukáš SVK 43396 Nymphadora YES
20. Żywiec Jan POL 53911 Cuantic YES
21. Szczepaniak Jacek POL 53777 Oreka YES
22. Grętkiewicz Jan POL 80479 Fantasista YES
23. Nurila Lassi FIN 10600 Glacial YES
24. Cervi Andrea ITA 64877 Soluna F3A YES
25. Valenta Milan CZE 54642 Ultron YES
26. Brückner Peer GER 123708   YES
27. Brückner Nils GER 123709   YES
28. Kristensen Ole DNK 68655 Skyleaf Leader G NO
29. Kaukoranta Kimmo FIN 10538 Glacial YES
30. Ben Israel Yuval ISR 114938 Oxygen YES
31. Igler Meirman Ori ISR 122048 Sodalith NO

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